• Location: Windsor Hills
  • Date: February, 2021
  • Size: 1679 ft²
  • 4 Bed | 2 Bath

Deane was an elegant, exquisite Spanish trapped (literally) in a patchwork of updates. Parts of the original 1925 carapace, its roof and parapet wall, which were built over, are still extant in the attic. The revisions we made to the structure were mainly to open up the common living areas, as is preferred by buyers today. The primary goal for this renovation was liberating the spirit of the original structure as first envisioned by the architect and builder: enchanting and transcendent.

Deane Before & After

Part of the remodel involved converting the newer gabled roof to the archetypal Spanish terra cotta shingles. One less expected event was the discovery of the first fireplace under years of wood and faux stone; it ended up making the house.
The backyard had to be reinvented because it was all concrete and had an unpermitted guesthouse. The guesthouse became a spacious patch of turf and the addition of a low rise redwood deck helped to break up the remaining concrete while converting the area to useable space. Potted durantas softened the views from the bedroom windows and tied the deck in with the other greenery.