• Location: West Adams
  • Date: December, 2016
  • Size: 1605 ft²
  • 3 Bed | 1.75 Bath

West Adams has a lot going for it. Situated between the 10 freeway-LA’s carotid artery-and the Inglewood home of the coming football stadium, it is comprised of century-old homes laid out in a conventional, neat grid generously sprinkled with fan palms. Restoring this Spanish colonial corner lot home enabled us to marry an historic Los Angeles sensibility with contemporary urban practical and aesthetic considerations.

The original garage proved to be a tear down. When it was rebuilt, we decided to set it further back against the Northern property line of the backyard as a simple attempt to unify and maximize the outdoors space. The new driveway could thus double as a terrace for entertaining.

Hillcrest Before & After