• Location: West Adams
  • Date: December 2021
  • Size: 2150 ft²
  • 4 Bed | 3 Bath

Extremely colorful project from start to end. Being back in West Adams was a privilege and thrill--and no small challenge. The area has seen so much interest and improvement in recent years and a number of new, spectacularly refurbished homes have come to sprinkle the tiny neighborhood. Many are featured in blogs and publications.

West View not only contended with these new stunners; it already brimmed with so much intrinsic charm and beauty that any work we performed had to take extreme care so as not to undermine or interfere with what was already extraordinary. A Castillian inspired stained glass coat-of-arms. A tiny tower folly over the front hall. Meticulously maintained original sculptural whimsies and unique signature accents. She was not so much a house as a magical time capsule hearkening back to the golden age of the City of Angels.

West View Before & After

West View was deeply, deeply loved by its previous owner--who was part of the same family that had owned it for generations prior. While alterations were many in number, the overall structure and feel of the building remained more or less what it had been when we first arrived: all the parts were already in place. The plans for the ADU had been drafted and approved.